To save space for storage and to keep Big Bags properly, our Big Bag Folding Machine blows the Big Bag with air and gussets from the edges with special plates. After these operations, Big Bags pressed with cylinders to take the air out. It also fixes the liner inside the Big Bag.

Technical Data
Bag Folding SystemPneumatic
Minimum Dimensions of the Bag60cm x 60cm
Maximum Dimensions of the Bag110cm x 110cm
Length Range of the Bag120-200cm
Power Consumption4kW/h
Power Supply380V, 3 Phase with zero and earth wiring, 50-60Hz
Air Supply6 bars, 250ℓ/min.
  • Synchronised Holding Tables with Folding Plates
  • Stainless-Steel Folding Plates
  • Air Filter for Blower
Strapex - Handle Wrapping Machinehemming machine