To protect materials inside the Big Bag from any environmental reasons and for stopping material to dust outside of Big Bag, liner should be placed inside. Our Bottle Shape Liner Sealing Machine is designed to form the liner with sealing and cutting operations, suitable for four loops Big Bag’s body, filling spout and discharging spout.

Technical Data
Materials to be ProcessedGusseted Liner, Tubular (Lay Flat) Liner
Max. Liner Width140cm (with gusseted)
Min. Liner Width60cm
Width of Sealing10mm
Production Capacity2 pcs./min.
Power Supply380V, 3 Phase with zero and earth wiring, 50-60Hz
Air Supply6 bars, 500ℓ/min.
  • Side Sealing Unit (Pulse System with Water Cooling)
  • Top & Bottom Spout Sealing (Temperature Controlled Sealing Bars)
  • Bottom Sealing (Temperature Controlled Sealing Bar)
  • Automatic Waste Cutting
  • Length Perforation (for Roll-to-Roll Production)
  • Transport Band with Vacuum
  • Take-off Unit
Suspended Liner Sealing