With the V Cutting unit, this machine has the ability to produce Big Bag bodies from tubular fabrics. This Big Bag body has star bottom. V Cutting unit can be deactivated to produce Small Bag and Big Bag parts from other types of fabrics.

Technical Data
Materials to be ProcessedFlat, Tubular, Gusseted, PP Woven Fabrics
Production Capacity
(without V Cutting)
depends on the cutting length (e.g. 12-14 pcs./min. for 2m length)
Production Capacity
(with V Cutting)
8-10 pcs./min.
Max. Fabric Roll Diameter125cm
Length Cutting SystemHeat Adjustable Ni-Chrome Knife
Holing SystemHeat Adjustable Ni-Chrome Knife (Circular, X, I, U Types)
V (Star Bottom) Cutting SystemHeat Adjustable Ni-Chrome Knife
Bottom Size of V Cutting14cm
Angle of V (Star Bottom)47°
Tension ControlDancer Rollers
Power Supply380V, 3 Phase with zero and earth wiring, 50-60Hz
Air Supply6 bars, 250ℓ/min.
  • Pneumatic Fabric Roll Replacement
  • Adjustable Machine Speed by Inverter Control
  • Edge Control System for Holing Unit Positioning
  • Digital Counter
  • Automatic Stacking Unit
  • Temperature Controlled Rigid Knife (for length cutting)
  • Cold Cutting Knife System (for length cutting and holing)
  • Air Ventilation Hood
Baffle Cutting