For economic and efficient storage or transportation, finished bags should be pressed and packed properly. Our Hydraulic Palletizing Press is specially designed for packing Big Bags on pallets. There are guides on the plate for binding the pressed pallet with strips. With a discharge piston, finished pallets can be taken out from the cabin easily.

Technical Data
Pressing Power24-40-60 tons
Operating Pressuremax. 200 bars
Stroke Length140cm
Oil Tank150ℓ
Oil TypeHydraulic – Shell Tellus 68 or Equivalent
Power Consumption8-10kW/h
Power Supply380V, 3 Phase with zero and earth wiring, 50-60Hz
Air Supply6 bars, 250ℓ/min.
  • Tandem Pump
  • Adjustable Manometer
  • Stainless Steel Cabinet Walls
  • Discharge Piston
  • Movable Side Door for Easy Discharge
  • Double Front Door
  • Flexible Model for Two Different Pallet Sizes
  • Strip Roll Unit
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